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Hypnotherapy is an alternative form of healing many physical and behavioral issues. We have introduced our new ONLINE learning program to help people understand themselves, work on their personal development, begin to grow spiritually and emotionally without having the huge costs associated with attending seminars, workshops, and classes where they would have the expense of having to travel.

Enhance your education and give yourself the tools to start your own business with the hypnotherapy training from HPC. We offer comprehensive courses on the study of hypnotherapy for people who are looking to start a career in the field. Using a university-style approach, we equip our students with the competence to become a Professional Certified Master Hypnotherapist in the future.

Our Online school curriculum has been approved by RTI, CPH, and IMDHA as an effective course from the comfort of your home or office. We have tailored our classes with Online courses, workbooks you can follow along with the online classroom. You can work any time you want, whatever fits your schedule. We have One on One coaching available with one of our instructors, as well as bi-weekly live course overviews to make sure our students are not getting stuck and are understanding the materials and expectation of the online course.

After our students have completed their online certification program we will have online practicums in various cities throughout the year, where students can join and practice with other students they have met through our courses online.

AFFORDABLE, Workshops for everyone

NEW!!!! HPC has introduced our ONLINE workshops for people who want to grow and learn, who want to begin the healing process but don’t know where to start or cannot get to a larger city that offers personal development workshops. We have designed our workshops to help students build a foundation of learning about themselves, their beliefs and habits. We teach a series of Level 1-10 course to help people get started on their own journey toward behavioral health or just understanding their own behaviors or for people who want to grow spiritually and personally but don’t know where to begin. After our students have completed the first levels where they feel comfortable to branch off and expand their consciousness or learn about other techniques or want to grow spiritually we have developed higher consciousness learning for the curious or the trained healers. Check out our courses tab to learn more about the courses we offer for all levels and all ages.

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Certified and Recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Certified and Recognized by Results Therapy International

The Gold Star Seal of Approval recognizes organizations and their members who are in compliance with the Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations (COPHO) Standards of Practice. The Gold Star Seal of Approval distinguishes practitioners in good standing who are bound to uphold the Code of Ethics set forth by the COPHO participating organization

I'm a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Dedicated to healing: Body, Mind, Spirit

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About Us

HPC was created to help people of all levels no matter what their age and where they are in their lives. Our motto is that “Change Can Happen Instantly” You just need to take action in your life and begin to look outside the box and expand your knowledge and begin to believe in everything, or at the very least educate yourself to have a greater understanding of yourself and others around you.

Our Instructors have come together to develop a series of different workshops that are affordable for everyone of all ages to help the individual begin their own journey at their own pace, to build a foundation of learning about their behaviors. To give our students different tools to help them to expand and grow personally; to find happiness and joy in their lives, to help people recognize all the things in their lives to be grateful for instead of finding themselves at times falling down the rabbit hole and believing this is the way it is. The Rabbit hole is only an illusion that we get caught up in.

Owners Sheila Nielsen and Walter Ernst are both Clinical Certified Master Hypnotherapist and two of the instructors on our Certification Online course for Hypnotherapy but have also developed courses for people who simply want to grow and learn about themselves and maybe learn what all the hype is about when it comes to broadening your consciousness or becoming more spiritual. Finding a balance in their lives, learning to live in the NOW! They understand that a lot of people want to learn and grow but either don’t have the tools or the means to begin. We want everyone who joins our site to find something they are interested in learning or maybe they just want to experience what guided meditation is, we offer a little of everything. We hope you enjoy our new site and have a look around.

Sheila Nielsen was introduced to Hypnotherapy back in the 80’s when she was trying to overcome behavioral issues of her own, she had a difficult background and was determined to carve out her own path in life. Sheila is a big advocate of Learning and expanding your mind and see where it can take you. She was in a tragic accident when she was in her teens that left her a quadriplegic and was told she most likely would never walk again. She lived in total pain, after finding the drug regiments only made her sick so she sought out alternative forms of healing, which is where she found hypnotherapy which changed her life for the better, only 35 years later finding her path in life to help others to understand the benefits of Hypnotherapy, visualization, guided meditation. The benefits of living a life of positivity, calmness, and peace of mind instead of in a state of anxiety.

Walter Ernst was introduced to Hypnotherapy through is partner Sheila, but he has carved out his own niche and has specialized in Male and teenage behavioral issues. Walter was a world champion karate, boxing and aikido fighter for over 35 years. He was an instructor of martial arts for over 30 years. Walter knows and understands the importance of visualization when competing in sports either for fun or professionally, he focuses a lot of his practice and teachings on Sports Performance, Intuition and expanding your consciousness. Walter also was in a very bad accident over 12 years ago where he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a horse accident. Walter used his mediation, intuition and visualization techniques to overcome not only his brain injury but to healing his brain and body. Using techniques, he has learned from hypnotherapy and that he already had from his journey with martial arts and meditation, he discovers he had always had a unique gift that he ignored for years of an intense intuition, which he is able to use when he is treating his clients and teaching his workshops. Walter has a very unique perception on consciousness and energy which he teaches about in his workshops.

We hope to see you soon, learning, living and engaging in your life’s journey, wherever it may take you.

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Contact HPC to learn how a course or workshop in hypnotherapy can help you improve yourself, your relationships, and your income. Become a certified hypnotherapist through our intensive program, and you will graduate completely prepared to start or add hypnotherapy to your practice. We offer a number of other seminars and workshops as well on hypnosis, resistance to results, anger management, and meditation.

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Not only will our programs educate you on the use of hypnotherapy, they will change the way you experience your life, behavior, and what you see as daily results. While our classes make use of traditional teaching methods, we also create experiential learning. These types of experiences are not necessarily appropriate for everyone, and therefore, just as you need to choose the right school for you, we must also choose those students who are best suited for our programs.

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