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Personal Development Workshops

Personal Development

HPC is very excited to offer our Certification courses now ONLINE, we have also developed our very popular workshops on personal development, theory of the mind, Energy and so many more which used to be done throughout the USA: All our workshops are now available for affordable pricing of $25.00 for an hour and a half of teaching which also includes downloadable exercises. HPC wants people of all ages to enjoy learning and growing with their personal development workshops, we have designed them to be in levels so that the student can work their way up to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. These workshops are great for all ages, especially your teens. If you can’t get them to a personal workshop, we are hoping teens might find these classes enlightening.



Personal Development workshops $100 for 6 workshops:

Includes our 6 foundational workshops, the journey to personal development begins with the understanding of our habits and belief systems and where they come from.  Our journey to self-discovery begins with the knowledge and understanding of why we think and feel as we do, what guidelines do we base our behaviors on and why.  How do we begin to hear our self-talk and how do we change the words our subconscious hears and reacts to we need to first learn to look within in order to change our patterns of behavior. 

SAVE $50 IF YOU PURCHASE 6 developmental courses for $100


Eye and Woman

Self-Talk and Reframing $25:

Words can hurt us, destroy our self-esteem, affect our relationships and move us away from our better selves.  With this workshop understand where our self-talk comes from how it was formed, with our memories and stories from our past. Learn how most of our memories are Fiction and why we created them in our lives from at an early age. This workshop will help you to understand and hear your self-talk, learn if your talk negative or positive.  Realize that your self-talk effects everything in your life, in order to change it you must look within and begin to hear and feel what it is saying to you and have the tools to begin to change these destructive thoughts and beliefs.

Change can happen instantly, but you must have the tools and understand to begin the journey.


21 Results Principles $25:

21 Result principles were created by Dr. Jennifer Alexander, the creator of “The College of Professional Hypnotherapy” and the director of the governing certification body with “Results Therapy International.” Jennifer has put together the basics for understanding our behaviors in a 21 principle format to help us to begin to understand how we have been living and behaving in our lives and what we need to do to change our habits, beliefs and the way we have been following the same patterns with our relationships and careers. If we want different results in our lives, then we must first look at what has created the results we have been getting in our lives.


Love Languages

5 Love languages $25:

The Five Love Languages was created by Gary Chapman the author of the bestselling book; “The 5 Love Languages”.  Millions of people around the world have read this book, taken the test and believe they have a clear understanding of the love languages, this workshop will explain the love languages and how we interpret them, how they are imperative for us to understand them in order to improve our relationships with ourselves and the ones we love and even work with. If you understand others and your own love language it will change the way you interact with people, you will get so much more out of your relationships with your co-workers, friends, children, and partners.  We have taken each Love Language and explained it in detail to help you relate each one to your own life. We have also given you an exercise to work on to help you to better understand your habits in order to decide if you need to make some changes to expressing your love language and meeting theirs.


Vicious Circle $25:

The Vicious Circle is a workshop based on the previous lessons if you are taking them in order. It will help you to understand your behavior, where it comes from and begin to make changes to your reactions to different events. It will help you to understand why you may turtle in different situations or why you may lash out in anger or with aggression. We cannot change what we do not understand. This workshop will give you the tools to start to peel away the layers of your old habits and begin to create new ones.



Understanding Chakras $25:

This workshop was created from requests from our previous students to help them to begin to understand what all the talk about Chakras is, to understand polarity and energy and how it affects both our minds and our bodies.  The relationship between our thoughts and emotions is a deep connection, and depending on the work and understanding we have we have given you the tools to begin to clear your chakras, begin to think of your mind and body as a whole instead of being disconnected.


Releasing Judgment $25:

We cannot move forward in our personal journey toward enlightenment, personal development without understanding our judgment of others and judgment we feel toward ourselves This workshop is designed to help you to understand how Judgment is directly connected to your self-talk, behaviors and creates low self-esteem and puts your energy out of balance. We cannot connect with others or ourselves as long as we have judgment, we need to learn about it; learn to recognize it; them begin to change our habit and negative beliefs.  If you work with other people as a counselor, therapist you know that your judgments will be felt by your clients or your patients so you must begin by helping others by helping yourself and releasing your judgments.  This workshop has a few exercises to begin to understand, feel and hear your judgments even if you don’t feel you have any, these exercises will help you to explore if you do or don’t.


Anger Anger Workshop Coming Soon
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