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Effective Hypnotherapy Treatment

The therapists at HPC offer hypnotherapy treatment to children, teens, and families as a unit or individually. This form of therapy is enlightening, life-changing and takes the stress out of family dynamics. You can learn a different way of living than what you have been raised to believe. If your family dynamic is not working, the only person that can change your life is you.


Everyone Can Be Hypnotized

Hypnotherapy is for everyone. Some people seek out an alternative therapy when other avenues have not worked, or medication is not working. Life is not supposed to be stressful, difficult or complicated; we create our situation. Hypnotherapy can help with addiction, depression, chronic pain, and suicidal tendencies, among many other conditions.

Flexible Treatment

Hypnotherapy can be done from the comfort of your home or office. With distant therapy, you set up a time for us to contact you at work or home where you can relax in your own environment. We have exceptional results with distant therapy with clients throughout Canada and the U.S. Many clients said they preferred the therapy at home to going to a clinic. We also offer distant therapy to clients for professional athletes. Before every match or game, they set up 20 minutes for a focus session, which is generally done as a follow-up.

Therapy Assessment


Sheila Nielsen B.A., CCHt

Behavioral Therapist/ Instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional College
Eureka, Montana

Sheila has been involved in Hypnotherapy personally since 1987. Introduced to Hypnotherapy as a teenager, the experience changed her outlook and the direction of her life.

In 1986, Sheila broke her neck and back in a car accident and was told she would never walk again. However, due to Hypnotherapy, biofeedback therapy, and other alternative medical practices she was able to make a full recovery.

Sheila has been an executive and business owner over the last 27 years; Sheila was a brand development manager for companies such as Guess, Harley Davidson, Fletcher's Fine Foods and many others. She was also the founder and consultant for Divorce Consultants, a company that counseled families on divorce disputes and custody arrangements to keep the families out of court.

Sheila and Walter are co-owners of “Hypnotherapy Professional College” they are both Internationally, Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist with practices in both Kalispell and Eureka, Montana. They also have special events where they offer intense sessions in Austin, Texas, after their weekend workshops. Walter and Sheila have developed several Personal Development workshops to help people begin the journey of looking inward and learning how to change their lives for the better, without the emotional baggage we all carry around with us and some of us don’t really know why. Some of their workshops include different modalities in your life that you may want help on or may want to learn other ways in which you could be, calmer, happier, more satisfied with your life, job or your family. Walter and Sheila have developed their very popular personal development workshops as part of their online learning program offered thru their site. They will continue to offer new workshops every month and new meditations. Some of their workshops include: Self-Talk and How to Reframe It, Theory of the Mind, Vicious Circle of our Behaviors, Releasing Judgement, Understanding the 5 Love Languages and many more.

Sheila wants everyone to be able to access information no matter what level of learning you are at. She believes that everyone has the interest some just don’t know where to begin. HPC’s online workshops have been designed for everyone, no matter your age or education level. We have developed it in stages that you can work through or go onto the deep spiritual stuff off the bat. It is a completely affordable and fun way to get into the conscious shift and build a foundation of learning from your personal development and beyond. We hope you enjoy.


Walter Ernst, CCHt

Behavioral Therapist
Eureka, Montana
Direct Line: 406-334-0646

Walter brings 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the construction and real estate industry, and he has over 30 years experience in martial arts as an instructor and a competitor.

Walter has practiced the art of Meditation and Kung Fu along with several different arts over the last 30 years. He is a Kung Fu Master Martial artist who has dedicated most of his life to teaching others to control their emotions and to find different outlets besides hurting others or themselves when dealing with their destructive behavior.

Over the last 25 years, Walter has volunteered his personal time to the youth in his communities as a hockey coach, Kung Fu instructor, a divorce counselor, and a personal development advisor to the youth. Walter has a vast understanding for especially active, angry or depressed teenagers, and has a communication style that easily connects with teens from all backgrounds. Using his alternative methods of mentoring along with training, he is able to help them to control their behavior using meditation, kung fu, Ti chi, and hypnotherapy.

Walter is the co-owner and instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional college. Walter and his partner are excited to introduce their new learning site that will help people to enrich their lives and leave all the painful emotions in the past, to learn better methods of reaction and living their lives. Walter specializes in Teens, Men behavioral issues, Divorce stage of life for men and women and Sports performance.

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