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What is hypnotherapy? It has been referred to by a lot of names. We know what it is not, it is not a trance state, mind control, eerie trance: Hypnotherapy is one of the leading and most effective forms of alternative healing methods to deal with root cause issues. The Best way to heal your past beliefs and habits is to detach the memories from the emotions that are stored in your subconscious mind. The best way to access your subconscious mind is to be in a completely relaxed state to do your healing. Our guided meditations can relax your mind and body so when you awake in the morning or just before you go to sleep you allow your mind and body connection to begin the healing while you are still in a relaxed state and your conscious mind has not woken up yet, or it is just getting ready to hand the evening over to your subconscious mind.

Dr. Wayne Dyer in the video clearly states that we must think positive thoughts before we go to sleep because we will be marinating in our memories and emotions for the next 8 hours. We want to make sure that we are marinating in positivity and healing instead of negative and vicious circle behavior.

Fear Words

Releasing Fear: By Sheila

Sheila has put together a series of 5 Mp3’s where each night for 5 nights you can put your subconscious to work releasing and allowing it to do the work for you while you sleep. We all have fears, some of us will fight against our fears and work toward moving away from our habits. Our habits consist of doing the same thing over and over and wondering why we don’t have different results. This series of 5 meditations are to help your subconscious mind release the memories of your fears from the emotions that drive you, if you are not able to go to therapy allow these Mp3’s to be the beginning to your healing and knowing that you are marinating in the write messages while you sleep.

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Fear: By Walter

Walter is a meditation specialist, he specializes in male behaviors and teens. Walter is a master meditator, in our series workshops he teaches people different forms of meditation and how to calm yourself, protect yourself and how to release unwanted negative energy. Walter has put a series much like Sheila’s for people who prefer or are clients of Walters and prefer his voice to a woman’s. Fear is what drives most of us, it controls whether we are to succeed or self-sabotage. Fear in many of us is an addiction, one we need to stop feeding and learn to release the energy we give it. Our fear has been instilled in us since childhood, not intentionally in many cases but to keep us safe as children, the problem is that the subconscious mind took it much more serious and put these messages into our survival mode box and we bring out these memories, stories of how to stay safe that are still attached to our emotions from when we were children. We need to release these emotions from our past stories the best way to do this without Hypnotherapy is to put ourselves in a relaxed state while we are sleeping or in meditating.

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Reduce Stress

Relaxation: By Sheila

We are so busy in our lives today, so much busier than our parent ever were. Our parents didn’t in most cases have to have both incomes to support a mortgage and two cars, the cost of living has surpassed what an average family is able to produce. Along with raising our kids the best we can, keeping our jobs, getting our education and still hearing the voices from our self- talk telling us we are still not doing a good enough job that we need to be smarter, work harder, be better parents: Well it can be overwhelming, it has created such anxiety in our worlds that we have a difficult time shutting it down at night when we need to be relaxing and healing our minds and body for the next day. We need to be able to put our body into complete and total relaxation mode, which will help us sleep deeper and heal our bodies while we are sleeping. Many of us do not even know that we don’t know how to even breath properly let alone how to put our bodies into a natural state of relaxation. This series is designed to teach your body to breath, find time to be in the present moment and allow your body to relax down if only for 15 minutes a day.

As our Wayne Dyer video explains we must shut down the world of worries, disappointments, fears and whatever else we think about during the day, we need to marinate in our happy, peaceful selves for at least our dream state.

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Abundance: By Sheila

We all have money blocks and don’t know we have them. Our workshop on money blocks explains why we have them and what we need to do to let them go.

We need to realize we have the blocks in order to change our belief system which subconsciously is sabotaging our money success. If we truly don’t believe we deserve the wealth or the promotion we will naturally go into survival mode and tell ourselves this is against our personal belief system to have more money or a better job and we will subconsciously sabotage our results that we think we want, but subconsciously our self-talk is telling us this will be dangerous for us. We may believe that we won’t be loved if we make more money, maybe we don’t want to feel guilty for making more money than our parents. These Mp3 were created to help the listener to overcome their blocks when it comes to wealth, money or abundance. Many of us believe that money will change us, hurt us or make people judge us, it is time to get over the “Lack of” voice and start listening to the abundance in all we know and have in our lives.

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Dollar Sign

Sports Performance: By Walter

Listen to any national or world athlete of how they got where they are, and they will tell you that they visualized it, they saw themselves winning, crossing that finish line. Athletes are a rare breed they go toward the unknown the unfamiliar even if they think it will painful, when that subconscious voice in their head says to stop it is too dangerous to push this hard, you may get hurt the athlete pushes that much harder they don’t know their own limits they don’t have that self-talk that tells them they can’t, even if they did the self-talk would be shut off during the competition because their belief that they are going to win and it will override all voices.

Walter was a world champion fighter is several different modalities, he has been a competitor, instructor and coach for over 30 years he specializes in sports performance with his clients. He teaches his clients about focus, stamina, creating the visualization of success, crossing the finish line, making the pass; whatever you want to achieve in sports or competition you need to first see yourself doing it and winning. These Mp3’s were developed for the person that wants to marinate in the images of a great golf game, winning that match or that game. The Athlete already is rebelling against their self-talk and childhood belief system these Mp3's will help them to focus better, relax while they are doing and will help with the imagery of creating even greater success in their journey.

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Anger: by Walter

Anger is provoked by fear, fear of not being able to fix someone else or to face the unknown and the unfamiliar. Anger is a result of fear, we are taught in our childhood beliefs that we are not supposed to be afraid, especially men were never allowed to be afraid as young boys they were told to do it no matter what to be a man, not to cry not to be afraid, so they substituted they fear with anger and aggression. Anger is in everyone it is when we lash out toward circumstances that we feel we have no control of, or when we are triggered from a story in our subconscious mind of when we were children. Anger is an emotion that many of us do not know how to let go of, many of us believe that if we are angry or lash out then we will get what we want, some of us use our anger toward others to gain control of the situation but it has the opposite effect on our emotional well-being. Anger and fear take up so much energy, they trigger our self-talk to the negative and make our hearts race, our stomach turns into knots which triggers us right into the memories of when we were afraid as children. Anger is about living in the past and believing the stories we created in our subconscious it only hurts us, and the holds us back from getting what we really want in our lives. Anger is related to our primitive mind, telling us that we won’t survive if we are not strong and assertive, but this comes out as rage and uncontrolled emotions. Anger affects all of us in a negative way, it hurts our relationships, work, family and takes us to a place we regret going when we have finally calmed down. We cannot think clearly and rationally when we are in fight/flight response. These Mp3’s will help you to gain the tools you need to release the memory from the emotions, to reteach your mind to breath and to let it go, let go of the fear that has been running your life for so long and replace it with peacefulness and calmness simply by breathing and regaining yourself to be in the present moment.

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