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Welcome to Hypnotherapy Certification Online

Hypnotherapy Professional College is recognized by IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) which is an international certification program, they are recognized for maintaining the highest standards for their certified Hypnotherapists and certified schools for Hypnotherapy, they only recognize the best schools that have the highest standards in integrity when teaching the practice of Hypnotherapy.

HPC is also recognized by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as having a grade A rating, recognizing HPC as an accredited College for online studies of Hypnotherapy throughout the USA.

We also offer other specialty courses for the students who want to continue their education with HPC.  We offer Basic Counseling, Basic NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and our Business to Business course.

Our courses include an online instruction with a workbook, Required reading with tests for each modality from Resistance to Masters. Our students will have one on one coaching, team building live sessions online and overviews of the online materials and exercises. All our students have access to our instructors upon appointments, email or texts any time they require help.  Our instructors and coaches are also practicing Hypnotherapist and have completed the HPC program, we encourage our students to reach out and get to know their course coaches.

Included with the Certification program thru HPC we have included all of our personal development workshops as a requirement to complete their certification. At HPC we believe that we must first heal our wounds before we can help others to heal theirs. We are constantly adding new workshops to our site; all students will have access to all of our workshops as they come online. We are always trying to improve the educational experience with us and therefore we encourage our students to post comments to help us to learn what our students need. Due to always trying to improve our school our requirements may change, but you will always be required to complete the program that you began with, just ask your coaches if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you in the future, we pride ourselves on helping our students to become therapists that understand the work it takes to improve your lives, to live a life of integrity free of judgment and limited ego. Our students will have the tools they require to be and effective, well rounded and compassionate therapist treating their clients with integrity and honesty.


BASIC HYPNOSIS & Resistance ($1,897)

HPC has combined the Resistance to Results requirement with the Basic Hypnosis Online course, this course is required before continuing onto our Advanced and Master Hypnosis Online Certification program.  Basic is the beginning of your journey toward a new career or adding Hypnotherapy to your already existing business.  Many of our students already have successful counseling, psychology, Reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and many other practices where they have added Hypnotherapy as another modality to their business

This course will teach you how to hypnotize yourself and others. It dispels the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis while providing in-depth knowledge about how to get your conscious and subconscious mind working together. Having a misalignment between parts of the mind is why people aren't achieving their goals and dreams. By the end of this course, you'll feel confident hypnotizing yourself, friends, and family members. At this level, though, you are not yet permitted to work with the general public. You also can't charge money for your services or open a business as a hypnotherapist.

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Theory of the Unconscious Mind

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Advanced Hypnosis Online Course ($1,447)

HPC offers our Advanced Hypnotherapy Online Course, you will begin this course after completing Basic and Resistance to Results. Our Advanced course is a prerequisite before moving into the Master Hypnosis Certification. In this course, you will learn the basics of neuro-linguistic programming and how words can deeply affect our reality. You will learn about our stories and how our memories are not true, how and why we need to change our stories and detached the memories, thoughts from our emotions. In advanced you will have a vast understanding of Triggers and what creates them and how hypnosis can not only improve your life and outlook but can change your relationships, health, career and outlook of your life. You will also learn to develop rapport-building skills that will help put your clients at ease in your presence. Like in the Basic level, you are still not allowed to offer your services to the public, charge for your work, or open your own practice. In advanced you will begin to look at your own life and how you have been living it, you will learn different tools to begin to shed the layers that you have been carrying around with you as part of your belief system. In advanced you are well on your way to changing your life, your way of being and you will have the tools to create change in your own life.

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Master Hypnotherapy course ($1,447)

In the Master’s course you will learn about healing root cause for both yourself and your clients, you will be able to disconnect your clients’ stories and memories from their emotions if the emotions have been causing them to trigger into the past.  You will learn several different modalities of healing a client from their past from using chair therapy under hypnosis, Age regression techniques to help clients to find the cause of their issues.  No matter the reason you have taken this course you will be completed trained and prepared for starting your own hypnotherapy practice or adding Hypnotherapy to your already existing practice.

In the Master’s course you will learn to look into past lives, future lives and Life between lives you will learn how to help people release their guilt, grief and destructive behaviors.  You will understand the advantages of changing traumatic stories from your clients past into positive and distant memories without them having the emotional triggers to their stories that have been creating dis-ease in their life.  You will broaden your beliefs and understand that you can believe in NOTHING yet believe in EVERYTHING at the same, because the mind is a powerful tool that we are still yet to understand.

 After you have completed the Basic, R2R, Advanced and now the Master’s online courses, completed your required reading and tests and had your weekend of practicum offered throughout the USA; you are ready to apply for your Master Certification with IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) 

After you have completed this course, started your practice you may want to continue your education with HPC to obtain specialties to add to your practice or obtain yearly CE credits. Once you have completed your Master's Certification you may open your practice and charge a fee for your services. You will want to look into your state to find out what requirements they have to practice Hypnotherapy.

Conscious Mind

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Grow personally and professionally with the hypnotherapy programs from HPC. Whether you want to use hypnotherapy in a limited way to help yourself or want to launch your own business, we offer the training and guidance to help you reach your goals.

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